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Corporatexperts is a leading financial modeling service providing firm and provides comprehensive financial modeling and analysis services, including outsourced financial analysis consulting and automated financial modelling to enable our clients to assess new business opportunities, raising capital, getting projections, analyzing new developments in the market, getting feasibility analysis etc.  Our financial modeling and analysis services include –

  1.  Financial Modeling
  2. Cash Flow Analysis
  3.  Pro-Forma Financials
  4.  Discounted Cash Flow Modeling
  5.  Market Research
  6.  Merger and Acquisition Modeling
  7. Feasibility Analysis
  8.  Leveraged Buyout Modeling
  9.  Capital Formation
  10. Credit Rating Modeling
  11. Business Valuation Analysis
  12. Option Pricing Modeling

Financial Modeling Process We Follow

We are one of the leading financial modeling companies and follow a well-thought-out process for delivery of our financial modeling services. Key steps in our process include –

  1.  Requirement Gathering
  2.  Design
  3.  Development
  4.  Delivery